About us
GUT- Grüne Umwelt Technologien is a protected brand name which is based on long term experience in dealing with future technologies. Main objective is to concentrate patented technology with a unique selling proposition from the three business units, Transport & Environment, Energy Efficient Technologies and Health Care Technology on a platform that will provide access to the general public with the goal of relieving the environment. The main partner of GUT is Heat Invention GmbH located in Bad Homburg, Germany.
GUT and its partners develop and distribute unique products of innovative future technology based on ethical principles. Objectives are as follows:
  • Selection and (further) development of future technology with strong benefits for mankind
  • Implementation of groundbreaking technologies in sync with nature
  • General, easy and low priced access and utilization for everyone
  • Establishment of self-sufficient systems for independent use
  • High profitability and cost-effectiveness of technologies that are / will be implemented in markets
Innovations / Technologies
As a result of long-term research processes, all innovative technologies selected by GUT are already patented, certified and have a unique selling proposition. For some technologies, GUT owns protection of utility models. All products have already been used in various forms and verified for several years. Certain product variations need to be developed, verified, and certified for introduction to corresponding sub-markets. Additional innovations are shelved for gradual market launch.