Aquator - Overview
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Photon Heating
The Aquator consists of a transparent cover which is available in full or half-sphere shape and serves for water heating. Underneath the cover a smaller full or half-sphere shaped absorber is warmed up directly by light / infrared radiation. The heated space arising due to the different sizes of cover and absorber is causing a greenhouse effect. These thermals generated will be transported in the absorbers interior to additionally heat the water contained therein.
5 hemispherical Aquators
Permanent energy intake during daylight hours
No alignment needed
Shatter-proof and self-cleaning
Small footprint of less than 1m² per Aquator
Up to 700% more heat quantity can be generated versus flat-plate collectors (p.a.)
Technical, economical and ecological benefi ts
Full or half-spherical shape enables a permanent energy intake regardless of angle of incidence of solar radiation
High flexibility and versatility as system extendable through serial and parallel connections
Simple assembly and siting (can be installed as open or closed system)
Flexible use as Aquator is compatible with central heating systems and other collectors
Significant light collector (max. 12 kg) despite larger absorber surface
Depending on system, natural circulation eliminating implementation of a cost-intensive circulation pump
Less weather dependent as
  • a broader spectrum of radiation can be additionally converted into heat
  • the warming also works in diffuse light conditions
  • usage is throughout the day and season
On a daily basis, up to 1.000 liters of water can be heated by 7°C compared to the inlet temperature
Based on a footprint of less than 1m², 6-7 times more heat quantity can be generated compared to flat-plate collectors
A water temperature of up to 90°C can be reached, depending on individual use and system size
Maintenance-free, weather-resistant, shatter-proof, self-cleaning and long-lasting
Applicable to low and high pressure ranges
Low purchase and maintenance cost
No separate alignment needed
Space saving with footprint of less than 1m² per Aquator
Depending on system size low / almost no energy cost as Aquator can generate the required flow temperature (30-35°C ) of modern heating systems, even in winter
Range of application
  • Buildings (residential, public, and commercial)
  • Factories
  • Shopping Malls
  • Hotels
  • Schools and Universities
  • Barracks
  • Indoor and Outdoor Pools
  • Boats and Vessels
  • Camper and Caravans
  • Mobile Use or Stand-alone Element