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Katalytischer Kraftstoff – Filter (KKF)
The KKF is an upstream filter that converts various types of fuel through a catalytic-chemical reaction to a fuel with higher value properties by changing its chemical structure. This leads to an optimized combustion process in the engine, resulting in higher mechanical energy exploitation and hence low pollutant emissions combined with reduced fuel consumption.
Reduced fuel consumption
Certified by German TÜV
General operating permit is not required
Guaranteed buyback
Up to 80% less pollutant emissions
Technical, economical and ecological benefits
Higher engine power, acceleration and torque
Softer and smoother cold-start and running performance
Considerable improvement of ignition and combustion properties
General operating permit for motor vehicles is not required
German TÜV certification that no intervention in engine technology is carried out (for vehicles)
Guaranteed buyback, depending on kilometer reading and running performance
Already verified because of motor vehicle usage
Verified reduced fuel consumption between 8% and 15%, up to 10% oil savings on heating systems
Applicable for all types of (bio) fuels
No residues inside the engine’s combustion chamber due to high-value of fuel
Patented, licensed and certified by German TÜV
Variable use as custom-made KKFs are available for all engine sizes and types (15.000 hp and more)
Lengthening of kilometer reading (up to 600.000 km) and lifetime of exhaust system
Significant reduction of pollutant emissions and minimization of carcinogenic substances of diesel engines (TÜV certified)
  • carbon monoxide (CO) up to 36%
  • hydrocarbons (CHx) up to 30%
  • oxides of nitrogen up to 20%
  • soot particles up to 80%
Range of applications
Diesel engines (cars, trucks, vans, tractors, buses, locomotives, generators, construction machinery and industrial machines)

Two-stroke engines (motor-bikes, mowers)

Heating systems (heating oil)

Gasoline engines (cars, vans)
Kerosene-operating engines (airplanes, helicopters)

Biofuel-operating engines

Heavy-oil-operating engines (boats, vessels and industrial machines)